Mobile App

If you ever wanted to build a mobile application quickly and be able to support both iOS and Android at the same time aiMonkey is the company for you. aiMonkey offers a best-in-class approach to building mobile applications with little initial effort, and it’s supported by dozens of experts you could leverage to build your project.

Web App

Trying to keep up with all the new clients and how they access and render your content is one of the most challenging aspects of web design. In the simplest terms, the front-end refers to the UI layer of websites, the things that people see and interact with. Any scripting or programming that runs on a web server is referred to as server-side scripting or Back-end technology

It’s easy working with us

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Planning a small business cloud strategy

Provides you with the ability to leverage remote systems on an on-demand basis over the open internet. Provides the ability to pay for only the resources that you use. Provides elasticity and the ability to scale up to the levels that you need.

Introducing AI to
your organization

AI is the ability of machines to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. This includes things like visual perception, decision making, speech recognition, and translating between languages.


If you are a developer open to exploring new opportunities we are open to working with you.

Improving your
user’s experience

The user interface, or UI, is typically what people think of when they think of UX design, these are the screens they interact with and the websites they use daily. In aiMonkey we know that there is far more than that.