We help your company to stay on top of the technological wave

Many businesses are working harder than ever to keep up with new technologies. aiMonkey develops custom software for your business to stay ahead of the game.

Software Development Company

All your solutions in one place

You don’t have to look anywhere else. With aiMonkey, all your problem’s solutions are in the reach of your hand. You will be able to take your company to the next level and start leading the way in your industry with your new developments – which your customers will love.

"With aiMonkey, we can now focus on the big ideas, since we know that all our technological burdens are taking care of and will never represent a problem ever again"

Jorge Makriniotis

This is NOT a regular
software company

We are number one in our industry and we
make sure our clients are always satisfied.

Software Development Company

Product &
Project Manager

One product manager and one project manager
will oversee the project so that your company
has two main points of contact throughout the project.

Software Development Company

Technical &
Creative Director

One technical director will manage the developers,
and one creative director will be involved in
ideating and planning strategic features.

Software Development Company


We all communicate within Jira to keep all our discussions, ideas, documentation, messages, and tasks in one, centralized place.

Software Development Company


Our development environment is cutting edge; we have streamlined deployment and code review processes and tracking.

Software Development Company

App Center

Updated alpha release at the end of each sprint cycle, and then distribute the beta app to a larger group to get early feedback.

It's easy working with us

Just make your wish and we'll make
it happen.

Explore some of our success stories

Software Development Company
Mobile app

Agropanning's tractor app

Mobile application for tracking location and activities on agriculture vehicles.

Software Development Company
Web app

Simple quotations for Moore Global

Web application for the automatization of the quotation process.

Software Development Company
Mobile and Web app

El Nacional goes remote

Web and Mobile application to decentralize business operations.