We develop powerful
Software solutions

Many businesses are working harder than ever to keep up with new technologies.
aiMonkey develops custom software for your business to stay ahead of the game.

Mobile Applications

Take your business
everywhere with a mobile
application. Start innovating

Web Development

Build that platform you
always wanted with our
development team. Start innovating

Artificial Intelligence

Let your business learn
and work for you thanks to
artificial intelligence. Start innovating

We Are Fast,
Efficient, & Creative

The best service at the reach of your hand. In aiMonkey, we make sure our clients are always satisfied because we understand that their happiness is our happiness. Whenever a client has a need, we will be there to solve any issue it might present and provide the best possible service you could get.

This is not a regular
Software Company

We are number one in our industry, and we make sure our clients are always satisfied.

It's time
to build that MVP

Don’t wait any longer! It is time to make your projects a reality. With aiMonkey, you will be able to create an awesome MVP that can be presented to potential investors and start your fast-growing experience as a tech-entrepreneur.

UI/UX design

If you can see it we can make it. The first step in every development is to conceptualize the application. Start innovating

Back-end Programming

Behind what you see on your screen are lots of things happening on your computer. Start innovating

Front-end programming

Once your platform has been conceptualized, its’ time for us to create the front-end. Start innovating


Once your application is ready, its’ time for the
deployment. Start innovating

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Impact of AI on business

Intelligent machines under that definition still have many limitations: we are a long way from the sophisticated cyborgs depicted in the Terminator films

Real State Application

In the future, if you don’t know coding, you don’t know programming, it’s only going to get more difficult

Hey, you know what would be a great idea for an app?

If you ever have said those words then “tell us”. We will be happy to explore your platform ideas in our discovery phase—and then help you develop it.


If you are a developer open to exploring new opportunities we are open to working with you.